Keep Your Money Where Your House Is! Shop Local!



BASWA’s promotional campaigns, beautification projects, and special events are all funded through grants, donations, and membership dues. BASWA is a 501C6 non-profit organization and run on a volunteer basis by local business owners. BASWA all has a 501c3 charitable foundation which handles all beautification, charitable, and educational projects. Any business owner in the South Wedge area is eligible to join BASWA. Memberships are valid for the lifetime of the business. To join, or for more information on joining, please click here.


-Memberships are valid for the lifetime of the business for a one-time fee.

-Membership COST is $100.


-Discounted or free advertising through cooperative advertising projects.

-Inclusion in group advertising and promotional projects.

-Membership fees contribute to the beautification projects and social, cultural, and promotional events.

-Assistance with business planning and marketing through our network of volunteers.

-Information about Grant and Loan opportunities for small businesses.


  • Abundance Co-op
  • Allstate
  • Axom Home
  • German House
  • Happy Earth Tea
  • Hedonist Chocolates
  • Highland Hospital
  • Hipocampo Books
  • Historic Houseparts
  • Hooper’s Tire Outlet Rochester
  • John’s Tex Mex
  • Krudco
  • Lux Lounge
  • Posey Letterpress
  • Rose O’Keefe
  • Schrader’s Garage
  • South Wedge Planning Committee
  • Stuart’s Spices
  • Swiftwater Brewing
  • Tracy Duquette-Saville
  • Women of Color